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Tours & Job Shadowing

High School Tours


The High School Student Group Tours were established to bring various medical professions to life and to empower young people to make informed choices about their future careers in medicine. During the tours the students learn about preparing for and applying to medical school. Often our medical students will meet with the high school students in a question and answer session. This program is very interactive and students will get a chance to see our facilities and learn a little bit about anatomy as well.

The students will also be able to get a sense of the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine’s commitment to excellence as well as the faculty and staffs, dedication to the success of our students. If you would like for your high school to schedule a tour, please have your guidance counselor, teacher or a school administrator contact Dawn Roberts at .

The Job Shadowing Program

A job shadowing experience involves a student spending a day or two here at the University of Maryland with a professional in their area of interest. The student "shadows" one or more professionals during the experience, attempting to gain an understanding of what professionals do while they work and, at the same time identifying the links between classroom learning and work requirements. The job shadowing program runs continuously throughout the year. You will need to complete an application, background check, medical form with proof of vaccination and an orientation to participate.

Contact if you are interested in participating.