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Seizing New Opportunities to Advance Medicine

The Best Minds in Medicine

“With more money I could bring in more top players. I have been able to recruit some top researchers. But what keeps me from doing more is a lack of funds. It takes money and infrastructure to attract and retain the best minds in medicine.”

Stephen T. Bartlett, MD
The Peter Angelos Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery  

We’re ensuring that funding is readily available to advance research and fuel momentum for growth in our academic and clinical enterprise.

We have established several endowments, including the Dean’s Ventures Fund, to provide a reservoir of unrestricted income for urgent or strategic needs that are essential to support the continued progress of cutting-edge research, interdisciplinary education, and first-class patient care. Income produced from these funds – supported by people like you — ensures that resources are always available when an action is needed to begin or continue important medical research that may result in a breakthrough – such as the testing of a new compact fetal monitor that gives physicians a constant stream of information about changes in an unborn baby’s heartbeat and movement over a 24-hour period, rather than just the momentary snapshot that traditional ultrasound offers.

These funds could also help us to recruit a brilliant, renowned scientist who may be on the threshold of a novel research pathway that may lead to a cure for a chronic illness. For instance, several years ago the School of Medicine was able to recruit Dr. Claire Fraser, a true pioneer in genomics, from The Institute for Genomic Research in Rockville, Md. She brought on her team of scientists and staff which created the School of Medicine’s Institute for Genome Sciences, fueling the expansion of genomic research and funding at our institution.

These funds will also provide critical resources for facility expansion, including supporting the construction of a new building — Health Sciences Facility III — that will add 332,000 square feet of much-needed research space so that we are able to continue to grow our robust biomedical research enterprise and to elevate our top-tier status for NIH funding. This means more dollars will be invested in promising research, by prominent scientists, bringing medical breakthroughs to you and your family sooner.

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