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Omoyemi Adebayo

Name: Omoyemi Adebayo
Hometown: Glenn Dale, MD
Undergraduate College & Degree: University of Maryland, College Park / Biological Sciences
(Physiology/Neurobiology Major)
Hobbies: Organized Intramural Soccer 2004 - 2008

Why do you want to be a doctor?

I have seen several family members suffer through illness. In many cases the illnesses may have been preventable with proper lifestyle modifications and/or prompt physician intervention. My hope is that in addition to providing curative and palliative care to my patients, I can also accomplish the overarching goal of disease/illness prevention.

In your opinion, what are the attributes of an ideal physician?

Physicians should be ethical, altruistic, friendly, courteous, professional, patient and, above all else, understanding.

Why did you choose the University of Maryland School of Medicine?

The faculty and administration were very accommodating and inquisitive about me as a person. This gave me the feeling that they were actually interested in knowing about me on a deeper level than my MCAT score.

How would you describe the learning environment at the School of Medicine?

The learning environment at the school is very interesting. It’s not like anything I experienced as an undergrad. My peers are very focused on the task at hand, but at the same time they are not so intense as to stir up fierce competition.

What have you enjoyed most about medical school?

Without hesitation, I would say that the best part of medical school has been meeting all of the amazing people whom I have come to call my close friends. I think that the difficulty of medical school provides us with this unique bonding experience. Exchanging stories and experiences with my friends continues to build my depth of cultural knowledge and makes me want to experience more in life.

What advice do you have for aspiring medical students?

I would advise aspiring medical students to focus on highlighting who they are as a person and be able to articulate which attributes they have that makes them fit for medical school and a career in medicine. I would also urge them to make the most of their extra-curricular activities in high school and undergraduate school.

Are you planning on practicing medicine in Maryland?

I do actually hope to practice medicine in Maryland. Although it may not be indefinitely, I do see Maryland as a great state in which to gain world-class experience throughout one’s career.

Omoyemi Adebayo

Yemi Adebayo