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Eligibility Policy To Apply For External Grants/Funds

To achieve its aims of providing higher education, providing patient care, advancing knowledge, and contributing to the welfare of the State, the University of Maryland School of Medicine accepts external funding in support of research only when:

  1. such undertakings provide its faculty members with the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of value to their teaching and research;
  2. the projects are suitable research through which the individual faculty members may make worthy contributions to knowledge; or
  3. appropriate public service is performed.

Eligibility Policy

To be eligible to submit a proposal to an external funding agency, the proposed principal investigator must have been granted Principal Investigator (P.I.) Status. P.I. Status is automatically granted to those faculty who:

  1. Are full-time employees (salaried at 100%);
  2. Are part-time employees (51% or greater) with a VA appointment;
  3. Have appropriate qualifications to be appointed to an academic title, which includes a doctoral degree, and academic or professional credentials;
  4. Have an appointment in a department;
  5. Hold one of the faculty titles listed in Section II of this policy.

Faculty Titles

The following title groups are eligible to initiate proposals for research or training contracts or grants:

  • Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Research Associate
  • Instructor
  • Professor Emeritus

Exemption to the Policy

Programs and awards which are specifically designed for students and/or postdoctoral fellows (e.g., fellowships and dissertation research support grants), are exempt from this policy. These programs require that the application be submitted in the student's and/or fellow's name with a faculty member identified as sponsor responsible for the supervision and oversight of the project.

Eligibility Waivers

In extraordinary circumstances when it is in the best interests of the University, the Vice President for Academic Affairs may grant special approval for other individuals without academic appointments to apply for grants and contracts. Examples of such circumstances include but are not limited to:

  1. The proposed program is appropriately directed by a member of UM's administrative staff.
  2. An appointment to the status of faculty is contingent upon receiving a grant award.
  3. Required for a Visiting Scientist when the situation warrants it, length of stay at UM makes it feasible, and when it is in the interest of UM, and with the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Waiver Procedure

The procedure to obtain approval for waiver to the Policy is as follows:

  1. A letter and curriculum vitae of PI should be submitted from the appropriate department chair and countersigned by the dean requesting a waiver to the UM Policy on Eligibility to Apply for External Support. Included in the letter should be a justification of why the waiver should be granted. The letter should clearly state that the Chair endorses the waiver request and document commitment of the department to provide the appropriate space and resources to the project and/or to the individual requesting the waiver, and the responsibility to ensure that the extramurally funded projects are satisfactorily completed will be assumed by the department and/or school. This letter should be addressed to the Vice President for Academic Affairs:

    Malinda B. Orlin, Ph.D.
    Vice President, Academic Affairs
    Office of Academic Affairs
    515 West Lombard Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21201

    The letter must first be routed through the Office for Research and Graduate Studies.

  2. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will review the application. When appropriate, an Ad Hoc Review Committee will be appointed to review the proposal for scientific merit.

  3. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will notify the applicant in writing of approval/non approval of waiver.

  4. The request for waiver may be initiated at the time of appointment of the proposed PI, and approval must be obtained prior to the preparation and submission of the proposal. Since the process of review and approval may take several weeks, the process should be initiated as early as possible.

Questions Concerning Eligibility Policy

All questions concerning the School of Medicine's Eligibility Policy to Apply for Extramural Grants/Funds should be addressed to the Office for Research & Graduate Studies, 410-706-5485.