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About Faculty Profiles

Thank you for taking the time to create or update your faculty profile.  If you wish to delegate profile editing to someone on your staff, please notify us though this online form. 

At a minimum, your new profile should include:

  • Your educational background
  • Your biosketch
  • Keywords about your research interests and/or clinical interests
  • Three to five publication citations to highlight, if applicable
**If you have an official faculty portrait, it will display automatically. If you need an official faculty portrait taken, click here to learn how.
Please take a moment to review the editable fields before proceeding.  To see an example of a new profile, please click here. 

How to Create Your New Faculty Profile

Before you Start: Organize and Prepare your Content

We suggest that you first organize your new profile content in a Word document. You may also copy and paste relevant content from your current profile. To find your current profile, visit:

Please View this 3 Minute Training Video: 



 To edit your profile, login to:

When you have completed your profile, please 
inform the Dean by clicking here.

**If your picture does not appear on your profile, it means that you do not have a current official faculty portrait. Only official portraits may be used in the new online profiles to meet design requirements. For information on how to obtain a new faculty portrait, click here.



Login Help

Login to your new profile in the new web content management system (TERMINALFOUR)

Open a web browser and GO TO:  (For best editing experience, use Firefox or Chrome)

To login, enter your UMID username and password.


How to Add Content to Your Profile

Enter your Profile information into the web content management system

Click on your Name:



Click on the Content Tab:



Hover over the yellow arrow to the right of your name and select Modify:


Enter or paste your profile information in the appropriate fields. If you would like to display pictures, please contact Andy Goldberg at after entering your profile text. 


Select Preview from the dropdown menu at the top or bottom of the page.


When you are satisfied, hover over the down arrow next to the red Update buton and select Update and Approve from the dropdown menu. DO NOT Select Publish Now. Profiles will be automatically published hourly.


Your changes will be published automatically in about one hour. However, your new profile will not be live on the web until after the new website is launched.



When you have completed your profile, please inform the Dean by clicking here.


Do you need help? Please contact Andy Goldberg