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This online form is for faculty members, post doctoral fellows and students to inform Public Affairs/Media Relations about news that may be of interest to your colleagues or the general public. Your submission may merit a press release, or it may be best suited for the Buzz, or SOMnews.

We are particularly interested in:

  • New or novel research
  • Innovative treatments
  • Journal Publications (in advance of the publication date)
  • National and international lectures and meetings (preferably, before the event)
  • Grants and Contracts (upon notification)
  • Patents
  • Awards and Accomplishments

If your have already submitted your news to your department's Buzz liaison, there is no need to complete the form.

 * Full Name:   
  * Phone:   
  * Email Address:   

  * Please provide a brief description of your award, honor, prize, publication or presentation. Please include pertinent dates and complete titles for the organizations mentioned:




Submission Example

M. Philip Luber, MD, associate professor, Department of Psychiatry, presented a paper, "Boundaries in Cancer Care," at the 5th Annual PsychoOncology Conference at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. Additionally, Dr. Luber presented a paper, "Managing Patients with Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Efficacy and Safety of Pharmacologic Therapies" at a conference sponsored by Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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