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Becoming a Physician at UM SOM - Student Feedback

Student Feedback on their Exposure to Discussions on HELPERS-PRO

The medical students, especially in groups, were extremely open about the problems they saw and experienced. Almost every area of unprofessional behavior has been seen on various rotations (e.g. talking in elevators, talking in front of patients and neighboring patients, being disrespectful of other specialties, medical students and staff; a lack of courtesy to patients, not showing up to give a lecture, etc). The students noted that even though they knew they were supposed to be evaluated on these areas, they rarely were and evaluations were inconsistent; in addition, many such behaviors couldn't be judged since the faculty and/or residents rarely sat in on student-patient interviews/physicals.

In addition they noted that when they reported unprofessional behavior, no action was taken and the behavior repeated. They also noted that they were not asked after clinical rotations what they had experienced on them. And they are concerned that while idealistic and professional now, with time they may turn out like the bad models they see. As one student put it, "they were like us once and something happened, I hope I don't get that way."

One student wrote that she was: "more troubled, however, by the attitude of a number of lecturers during first and second year toward these issues. As a specific example, I can remember several incidences in which lecturers or small group leaders have remarked that the material being studied is very difficult, but for those of us who do not grasp it, "there is always psychiatry." Even more common are the jokes that the concepts being discussed are relevant to all patients except those with psychiatric problems."