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April 11, 2012

On April 11th, 2012, seven members of the 2012 Gold Humanism Honor Society began their Gold Humanism Honor Society service project. They helped rebuild several houses in Brooklyn (south of Harbor Hospital) and hope that it will become a recurring service project for the University of Maryland chapter of GHHS; mutually beneficial to the University and Habitat for Humanity.

habitat for humanity

May 15th 2008

The Gold Humanism Honor Society inducted new student members today, who chose one faculty and six resident exemplars of Humanistic Medicine.

Humanism Honor Society Joins Gold National Organization

This Spring, 2007, the University of Maryland School of Medicine Humanism Honor Society joined the Gold Humanism Honor Society. There will be several consequences of this. All our members have or will receive Gold Foundation pins; all graduates who are elected to membership at the University of Maryland will become members of chapters in the universities they are doing residencies in; and all graduates from other medical schools who were elected at their home schools of medicine will become members here.

Dr. Talbott quoted about the Project in Baltimore Magazine

Dr John Talbott was quoted about the Project in "Are Doctors People Too?" by Hannah Feldman, Baltimore Magazine 154-157, 208, 210, 212

Dr. John Talbott's talk on the Medical Humanism Awards

Dr. John Talbott presented "Medical Humanism Awards" April 6th, 2006 at the School of Medicine Executive Committee and September 21st, 2005 to the School of Medicine Council.

Dr. Michael Plaut's talk December 8th, 2004

Dr. Plaut presented "What Does it Mean to be a Member of a Profession," on December 8th, 2004.

Dr. Talbott's talk at the IAMSE, July 2004

Dr. Talbott presented the HELPERS-PRO project with an emphasis on the evaluation of Professionalism in the pre-clinical years at the IAMSE (the International Association of Medical Science Educators) in New Orleans, Monday July 12th.

News on the Practice of Medicine Course - June 2004

For a number of reasons, the Practice of Medicine Course will be "rolled" out in evolutionary steps. In the summer of 2004, 21 lead teachers will be selected to lead 21 4-person teams of faculty who will meet with small (7 students) groups throughout the first and second years. They will begin the group experiences during the first year orientation, August 12-24 and continue in the breaks between blocks and in the newly combined Introduction to the Patient/Physicial Diagnosis Course. Further developments in the 3rd and 4th year are also underway and will be announced as they are firmed up.

New Course on The Practice of Medicine Update - May 2004

A new four-year course on the Practice of Medicine will be introduced in August 2004 incorporating many courses and elements already in the curriculum but using a pooled faculty like an Academy and linked and developmentally planned. It will incorporate HDME/Orientation, IHB, ICP, PBL, PD, parts of longitudinal ambulatory and AHEC and 3rd year Orientation. It will be focused on many issues related to Professionalism including; Medical ethics, Ethical behavior and obligations of medical students, Population medicine, Death and dying, Breaking bad news and physician-patient communication, House staff treatment of students, Strains and stresses of becoming and being a physician, Religion and spirituality, Cultural, ethnic, gender and sexual diversity and cultural competence, Altruism and volunteerism, Patient safety/medical errors, Gifts from industry and Sexual harassment.

Patient Safety/Medical Errors - July 2003

The Curriculum Coordinating Committee approved in principle an emphasis in the Curriculum on Patient Safety/Medical Errors to commence July 2003. Details are being worked out.

Student-Student Evaluations - Spring-July 2003

At the suggestion of students on the Curriculum committees, a new evaluation form on Professionalism has been designed for students to perform peer evaluations. It will be available as of July 1, 2003. Each student can be rated at the end of each rotation/experience where there is significant student-student or student-patient or student-staff interaction and the student is the only person who can read his or her evaluation.

Physician-Industry Relationships/Gifts from Industry - Spring 2003

References on the subject are now posted on the Professionalism website. 

Humanism Honor Society Acknowledges 14 Students on Match Day March 20, 2003

Fourteen students were welcomed into the Society by the ten founding faculty members. They in turn picked six exemplary residents for Awards.

March 2003 Update

The Professionalism Website contains several features that are increasingly being used. The Evaluations page has all the forms that are currently used for evaluating students, faculty and residents for both difficulties with professionalism and exemplary behavior. It highlights exemplary and problematic behavior as well as a self-assessment tool. The evaluation process for students seems to be going quite well.

The Humanism page provides descriptions of the major programs promoted by the Gold Foundation - the first year Orientation and White Coat Ceremony, the third year orientation and Student Clinician Ceremony and the Humanism Honor Society and its related Awards Ceremony on Match Day.

Several additions to the website should be noted: the Feedback Loop permits students to comment on any course, faculty member, rotation, elective, issue, classroom problem or other topics; the Physician-Industry Relationships and Gifts page has resources and references for students and faculty; and the Oaths and Codes page contains codes and oaths that are traditional or are formulated or used by professional organizations, at Maryland or other medical schools.

Also the Project has several efforts underway: (1) introduction of questions about and evaluation of Professionalism in applicants to medical school, (2) improved early (1st and 2nd year) recognition of students in need of remediating unprofessional behavior, (3) a system of anonymous student-controlled student-student evaluation, (4) increased publicity about the program both through Medscope and newsletters, and (5) introduction of a 4-year curriculum in "The Practice of Medicine." This would cover medical ethics and ethical behavior, death and dying, pain and palliation, breaking bad news, house staff treatment of students, communication, the doctor/patient relationship and boundaries, strains and stresses of becoming and being a physician, religion and spirituality, cultural, ethnic, gender, sexual and socioeconomic diversity, patient safety/medical errors, physician/industry relationships and gifts from industry, impairment, treating the VIP, HIV patients, smokers, the mentally and physically handicapped and sexual harassment.

In the future, several tasks emerge as major challenges and they are:

  • Faculty and house staff evaluation and development.
  • UMMS Diversity/Respect initiative
  • A major Ethics curriculum

Exhibit for AAMC November 9-11, 2002

The project director presented an exhibit at the AAMC meeting that (1) summarized a study of all websites of all 141 Schools of Medicine in the USA and Canada and (2) introduced our website as a consolidated information source on professionalism.

Humanism Honor Society Formed October 2002

Dean Donald Wilson approved the formation of a Humanism Honor Society in the School of Medicine. The first "class" or cohort will consist of approximately 10% of the 4th year students who are now being nominated and rated by peers and faculty members. Students will be selected based on their demonstration of the highest qualities of professionalism and humanism to their peers as well as faculty and staff. The students, in turn will nominate six outstanding house-officers and one faculty member each year and the ensemble will form the Society. Each year, as similar awardees from other schools come to Maryland they will join this growing group. One important function the Society will perform is an awards ceremony to be held at the time of the residency "match."

Orientation/HDME Revamped - August 2002

Orientation and the Human Dimensions of Medical Education (HDME) have been combined and revamped. Changes include making the experience a part of the curriculum, holding it close to or on the campus, emphasizing professionalism in the small groups and separating the nuts and bolts information entering students need from discussions of their new roles as student physicians.

New Student Clinicians’ Ceremony - July 2002

A new ceremony for students entering their Clinical years will kick off this July (2002). It will include a message from the Dean, internal and external speakers addressing aspects of professionalism, “pinning” of an emblem symbolizing professionalism and introduction to the Charter on Professionalism.

Website Inaugurated May 1, 2002

On May 1, 2002 the Professionalism Project rolled out its new website that consolidates in one place information on the Project such as a Message from the Director about the Project, the Project’s Mission, Vision and Values, the Professionalism Project’s Steering Committee, Definitions, Report to the Dean on Professionalism in the 4 years, Survey of Faculty on the teaching of Professionalism, References and readings, Evaluation forms, FAQ’s, Calendar of Events, Useful Links and how to contact the Project.

Future activities announced:

Student-Student Evaluations
At the suggestion of students on the Curriculum committees, a new evaluation form of Professionalism will be designed for students to perform peer evaluations.

New Course in Professionalism - Spring 2003
A new section of Introduction to Clinical Practice will be introduced in the 2nd year; focused on issues related to Professionalism such as Medical ethics, Death and dying, Breaking bad news, House staff treatment of students, Strains and stresses of becoming and being a physician, Religion and spirituality, Cultural, ethnic, gender and sexual diversity, Patient safety/medical errors and Sexual harassment.

Faculty development  

Physician-Industry Relationships/Gifts from Industry