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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The Professionalism Project (HELPERS-PRO) of the University of Maryland School of Medicine is dedicated to improving the professionalism of its faculty, students and staff in their provision of biomedical education, basic and clinical research, quality patient care and service to improve the health of the citizens of Maryland and beyond. The Project is especially committed to this emphasis in the education and training of medical, MD/PhD, graduate, physical therapy & rehabilitation science and medical and research technology students. We will recruit and develop faculty to serve as exemplary role models of humanistic physicians and scientists for our students.

Vision Statement

The Project will assist the University of Maryland School of Medicine in achieving international eminence as an academic institution in which professionalism is emphasized in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and continuing professional education; basic and clinical research; clinical practice and service; public health and prevention; and responsiveness to its community.

We will recruit, develop and retain a talented, culturally diverse faculty, staff, trainees and students demonstrating humanistic values.

Value Statement

The Project will help the School of Medicine's fulfill its mission and achieve its vision for the future by adhering to the values articulated in the Strategic Plans.


The school, its faculty, staff and students will strive for excellence in all endeavors.

Rewards for Excellence

The school will reward excellence in teaching, research, clinical practice and service.


The school will assume a leadership role in issues of importance to the state of Maryland and beyond.


The school will exercise all means to ensure diversity of faculty, staff and students.

Social Responsibility

The school will demonstrate its concern for the health care needs of its West Baltimore community and the state of Maryland and will serve as a significant resource for addressing local, state, national and international health and public policy issues.

Collaboration and Communication

The school will be an active participant in collaborative efforts with its partners throughout the University of Maryland Medical System and the University System of Maryland.


The school will encourage mutual respect among faculty, staff and students.


The school will seek to maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.

Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

The school will manage its resources in a fiscally responsible and highly accountable manner.