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White Coat Ceremony - Faculty Speakers

2012  Class of 2016

Dr. Joseph Martinez

2011   Class of 2015

Dr. Steven R. Gambert

2010   Class of 2014

Dr. Majid E. Cina

2009   Class of 2013

Dr. Robert Rogers

2008   Class of 2012

Dr. Gina Perez

2007   Class of 2011

Dr. Richard Colgan

2006   Class of 2010

Dr. Albert Reece

2005   Class of 2009

Dr. Thomas Lang
Dr. Gary Plotnick

2004   Class of 2008

Dr. Donald Van Wie
Dr. Meredith Bond

2003   Class of 2007

Dr. Carol Tacket
Dr. Toby Chai

2002   Class of 2006

Dr. James McNamee
Dr. Gary Plotnick
Dr. Robert Redfield
Dr. Ligia Peralta

2001   Class of 2005

Dr. Jordan Warnick
Dr. Jay Perman

2000   Class of 2004

Dr. Larry Anderson
Dr. Nancy Lowitt
Dr. Andrew Malinow

1999   Class of 2003

Dr. Gary Plotnick
Dr. Miriam Blitzer
Dr. Shawn Robinson
Dr. Richard Taylor

1998   Class of 2002

Dr. Marshall Rennels
Dr. Eve Higginbotham
Dr. Selvin Passen

1997   Class of 2001 Dr. Susan Wolfsthal