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Service Catalog

We provide 3 forms of services:

  1. Surgeries and Experiments (Cat # PPC-A, PPC-B, PPC-C, and PPC-N)
  2. Equipment and Facility Rental (PPC-R)
  3. Technical Support: Training and Consultation (PPC-T)

Please contact us for your specific needs. Note: These prices are for internal customer only. For outside customers, the price varies according to the sector (academic vs industrial), and additional indirect cost may also apply.


List Price
(per procedure)
PPC-A1 Acute experiment: complete cardiac cath of ventricular function; aortic, coronary, or renal blood flow; lung mechanics and diffusion capacity; renal sympathetic activity; EEG and analysis


PPC-A2 Acute experiment: coronary ligation; tissue O2 concentration (heart, brain, liver, kidney)


PPC-A3 Acute experiment: catheter blood pressure; carotid or femoral blood flow; ECG and heart rate variability; EMG


PPC-A4 Acute experiment: sustained or intermittent hypoxia or hyperoxia


PPC-A5 Acute experiment: repeated measures of A1-A3 following intervention

Additional $50/hour

PPC-A6 Simultaneous pressure-volume loop analysis and arterial blood pressure


PPC-A7  Laprotomy for access large abdominal vessel (e.g. inferior vena cava, abdominal aorta, renal artery)


PPC-A8 Jugular Catheterization (for drug or fluid administration)


PPC-A9  Organ Harvest: simple histo prep of weighing heart, slicing tissue, and preserving in formalin or liquid nitrogen

$26 per organ

PPC-B1 Biomicroscopy (High frequency ultrasound): no contrast, call for definition of a procedure


PPC-B2 Biomicroscopy (High frequency ultrasound): contrast imaging, customer provides contrast agent


PPC-C1 Chronic model (major survival surgery): coronary ligation; aortic banding; implanting telemetry transmitter, catheter, or flow probe


PPC-C2 Chronic model - adrenalectomy; thymectomy; unilateral nephrectomy, and etc.


PPC-C3 Chronic data collection and analysis via implants $20-50/hour (depends on sample size)
PPC-N Non-invasive tailcuff measurements


PPC-R1 Rental: Vevo system


PPC-R2 Rental: Sonosite system; 8-channel DSI telemetry system, 16-channel Biopac system


PPC-R3 Rental: Surgery suite; Heteras tailcuff system; Kent environment system; Beating heart perfusion system


PPC-T1 Technical support: consultation, no equipment or facility required


PPC-T1 Technical support: Training, with equipment or facility required

$200/hr plus rental fee