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Service Catalog

We provide 3 forms of services:

  1. Surgeries and Experiments (Cat # PPC-A, PPC-B, PPC-C, and PPC-N)
  2. Equipment and Facility Rental (PPC-R)
  3. Technical Support: Training and Consultation (PPC-T)

Please contact us for your specific needs.

List Price
(per procedure)
PPC-A1 Acute experiment: complete cardiac cath of ventricular function; aortic, coronary, or renal blood flow; lung mechanics and diffusion capacity; renal sympathetic activity; EEG and analysis $300
PPC-A2 Acute experiment: coronary ligation; tissue O2 concentration (heart, brain, liver, kidney) $200
PPC-A3 Acute experiment: catheter blood pressure; carotid or femoral blood flow; ECG and heart rate variability; EMG $150
PPC-A4 Acute experiment: sustained or intermittent hypoxia or hyperoxia $50
PPC-A5 Acute experiment: repeated measures of A1-A3 following intervention Additional $50/hour
PPC-B1 Biomicroscopy (High frequency ultrasound): no contrast, call for definition of a procedure $200
PPC-B2 Biomicroscopy (High frequency ultrasound): contrast imaging, customer provides contrast agent $300
PPC-C1 Chronic model (major survival surgery): coronary ligation; aortic banding; implanting telemetry transmitter, catheter, or flow probe $300
PPC-C2 Chronic model - adrenalectomy; thymectomy; unilateral nephrectomy, and etc. $200
PPC-C3 Chronic data collection and analysis via implants $20-50/hour (depends on sample size)
PPC-N Non-invasive tailcuff measurements $30
PPC-R1 Rental: Vevo system $80
PPC-R2 Rental: Sonosite system; 8-channel DSI telemetry system, 16-channel Biopac system $60
PPC-R3 Rental: Surgery suite; Heteras tailcuff system; Kent environment system; Beating heart perfusion system $50/hr
PPC-T1 Technical support: consultation, no equipment or facility required $200/hr
PPC-T1 Technical support: Training, with equipment or facility required $200/hr plus rental fee