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Forensic Pathology - PATH 546




University of Maryland

Description and Goals:

Students interested in forensic pathology and legal medicine take active participation in all routine functions of this office, particularly the Autopsy Room. Special emphasis is placed on teaching the students medical-legal autopsy techniques and the preparation of a medical-legal protocol. Each morning, rounds are conducted at which time each individual case is discussed and the significance of injuries and other findings are evaluated. Autopsies are performed by the staff and residents and the students will be encouraged to participate. When the student feels capable, he/she will be encouraged to perform autopsies under the direction of the staff pathologists. In the past some students have performed as many as 35 autopsies during a 10-week period. Students also attend lectures and seminars conducted for the benefit of the residents. Each student will be encouraged to participate in a current research project being conducted by one of the members of the staff. The student will also be able to participate in on-the-scene investigations and will have the opportunity to observe one of the staff members give testimony in court.

Number of Students:


Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 1-48


Monday through Friday - Yes/No
Evenings - No
Weekends - No
Call - No

Faculty Responsible:

David Fowler, M.B., Ch.B.
(410) 333-8159  

Administrative Contact:

Eleanor Thomas
(410) 333-8159 or (410) 333-3250  


Last Revision: April 11, 2013