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Our Research Pursuits

Our research approach focuses on immunotherapeutic methods to enhance quality and quantity of life for patients with head and neck cancer. We currently have a Trojan peptide vaccine trial and recently received FDA approval to conduct a dendritic cell-based vaccine trial (Dr. Jeffrey Wolf, PI). While the clinical impact of our vaccine is too early to assess, it is gratifying to think we have restored hope in patients and given them the tools to fight back against their cancers.

Oto group 2009

Our research enterprise is growing at a rapid pace, and we have recruited wonderful faculty such as Duane Sewell, M.D., Andrei Chapoval, PhD and Koji Tamada, MD, PhD to help grow our translational research efforts. We have also given support - both time and mentorship - to our existing clinician scientists such as Drs. Rodney Taylor, M.D. and Jeffrey Wolf, M.D. to further develop their research careers. This effort has paid enormous dividends in terms of both academic productivity and grant support.

In order to support the development of our faculty, we have incorporated a senior scientist, Dan Schulze, PhD into our department, giving him a secondary appointment and partial support. He serves as a fantastic resource for our department, mentoring both junior faculty and post doctoral fellows. Finally, we have developed close ties with senior scientists throughout the institution, such as Dean Mann, MD; Lai-Xi Wang, PhD and David Pauza, PhD, all of whom contribute to the growth of our scientific program.