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Head & Neck

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Dr. Rodney Taylot with PatientHead and Neck is a specialty devoted to the care of adult and pediatric patients with problems of the ear, nose, throat and neck. These doctors are commonly known as ENT (ear, nose, throat) physicians. Training to become an otolaryngologist includes one year of general surgery and at least four years of otolaryngology training. These doctors have acquired the skills necessary to manage sinusitis, allergy, mouth and throat cancer, masses of the neck, voice and swallowing problems, trauma to the face and neck, ear infections, dizziness, hearing loss and many other problems arising from the structures of the head and neck. After completing residency training, these doctors must take a written and oral examination to become board certified. The American Board of Otolaryngology has the role of assuring professional standards of training and knowledge.

Our Head and Neck specialty physicians include:

Dr. Scott Strome (Chairman), Dr. Jeff Wolf, Dr. Rodney Taylor, Dr. Kalpesh Vakharia, Dr. Nidhi Gupta and Dr. Kyle Hatten

 Scott Strome  Jeffrey Wolf  Taylor MD  Kalpesh Vakharia 
Dr. Scott Strome  Dr. Jeff Wolf  Dr. Rodney Taylor  Dr. Kalpesh Vakharia 
 Nidhi Gupta  Kyle Hatten     
Dr. Nidhi Gupta  Dr. Kyle Hatten     

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