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Union Memorial Hospital - Department of Medicine

Summer Clinical Research Program Medical Student Summer Research

This is the 19TH annual Union Memorial Internal Medicine summer research program.

Each student will spend 8 weeks including clinical activities with their preceptor. The eight weeks can be divided with assigned preceptors. We also have student housing available at no cost on a first-come, first serve basis. The hospital and the student apartment are located in an excellent, accessible, and safe neighborhood three miles north of the Inner Harbor district and one block east of the Johns Hopkins undergraduate Homewood campus.

Stipend for the 8 weeks is $3,000.

Application Information

Application deadline: February 25, 2013
  • Application Instructions 
  • Project List. Also listed below under "Projects"
  • Application Form 
  • 100-word essay on why you are interested in this program.
  • Biosketch CV Template. Use provided format for CV.
  • Recommendation Form. Recommendation Forms should be submitted from two recommenders who are UMB faculty members or the student's past research mentor or supervisor (at least one recommender should be a UMB faculty member or advisor).
  • Applicants will meet individually with Gregory B. Carey, Ph.D., Director of Student Summer Research and Community Outreach.

All applications must be received by the deadline. Awarding of the fellowships is anticipated on March 18, 2013.


Summer Research Projects - Summer 2013

Teaching Patient Health Literacy Ferguson, Robert
Chestnut, Meegan
Meta Analysis of treatment of hypertensive urgency in dialysis patients Ferguson, Robert
Amin, Akshay
Lever, Carole
Use of PPI's in the hospital Yazaji, Alex  
Cdiff prevention through probiotics Campbell, Wayne 
Hypoglycemic predictions using mobile health technology Shomali, Mansur 
Gabapentin treatment of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome Khurana, Ramesh 
Effect of Pallative Care consultation on readmission Kearney, Christopher
Mayo, Rene
A glucose visualization tool for inpatient diabetic management Schroeder, Pamela
Sack, Paul


For further information regarding the program, please contact:

Robert P. Ferguson, M.D.
Chief of Medicine and Program Director
Union Memorial Hospital
Department of Medicine
201 E. University Parkway
Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Telephone: (410) 554-2284
Facsimile: (410) 554-2184

For questions regarding the application process, please contact:
Qi Cao, J.D.
Research Coordinator
Office of Student Research
Telephone: (410) 706-3026

Prior Years Projects

Summer Research Projects - Summer 2012

Prospective and Follow-Up Study on Outcomes of Hepatitis C Patients

Thrombophilia Workups for DVT and PE Part 2
Ferguson, Robert 
Implementing a Process for Monitoring Universal Employee Adherence to a MedStar-Wide Vaccine Policy Campbell, Wayne 
Financial Impact of Critical Care at the End of Life Kearney, Christopher
Rene Mayo
Cell Phone-Based Diabetes Management Software, Mechanisms of Efficacy Shomali, Mansur 
Valsalva Maneuver, the Most Reliable Autonomic Parameter Khurana, Ramesh 
Prevention of Readmissions to the Medical Service DeLong, Melissa 

Summer Research Projects - Summer 2010

Congratulations to our Union Memorial Hospital Summer 2010 research interns.

Union Memorial Group Photo 2010 

Comparative Study of Sympathetic Function Assessed by Cold Face Test and Cold Pressor Test Khurana, Ramesh 
Hepatitis C Regarding Indications and Outcomes of Anti-Viral Therapy Ferguson, Robert 
HIV Database – New Case Profiles Ferguson, Robert 
Impact of Palliative Medicine in Critical Care Unit Kearney, Christopher 
Impact of Role Modeling in Student and Resident Handwashing Detterline, Stephanie
Yazaji, Alex 
Outpatient Diabetes Management: Variations in Practices and Adherence to Guidelines Shomali, Mansur 
Patient Perceptions of Supervising Physicians Ferguson, Robert
Detterline, Stephanie 
Probiotic Influence on Clostridium Difficile Nosocomial Infections Yazaji, Alex 
Quality Improvement Survey of Community Hospital Consultation Practices using  Ferguson, Robert
Detterline, Stephanie 
Targeted Chemotherapy in the Elderly Walker, Stanley 
Utility of Thrombophilia Workup Ferguson, Robert 

Summer Research Projects - Summer 2009

Congratulations to our Union Memorial Hospital Summer 2009 research interns.

Union Memorial group photo 2009 

Implementation of Patient Evaluations of Internal Medicine Residents Detterline, Stephanie 
Impact of Palliative Medicine Screening in the Medical Intensive Care Unit Kearney, Christopher 
Comparative Study of Sympathetic Function Assessment by Cold Face Test and Cold Pressor Test Khurana, Ramesh 
Automated In Patient Insulin Protocol Study Shomali, Mansur
Ivengar, Kavita
Utility of Thrombophilic Work-up Ferguson, Robert 
Buprenorphrine Outpatient Project (BOOP) Ferguson, Robert
Radhika, Vij
Hepatitis C: Epidemiology and Clinical Outcome Ferguson, Robert
Kim, Chris H.
Diagnostic Utility of Capsular Endoscopy Ferguson, Robert
Mathieson, Robert