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UM Summer Research Activites

CITI – IRB Instructions

Summer Research Programs

Final Requirements

Student Research Forum:

Final Report Instructions:

All trainees are required to submit a final scientific report whether or not the research is complete and even if problems prevented them from obtaining results (a rare occurrence.) The following recommendations are made to assist you in submitting a scientific report about your ongoing or completed work this summer:

  1. The report is a minimum of 5 pages (double spaced), not counting the title page, abstract, tables, figures or graphs, legends, and references.
    • Font is 12-point, preferably Arial
    • Margins are one inch all around
    • Each page should be numbered (at the bottom, center)
    • The size of the bottom margin should be adjusted to 0.5 in to accommodate the pagination
    • You may exceed 5 pages
  2. The format of the report may take that of a journal in your area of research generally encompassing the following:
    • Title page w/ your name, school and date of submission
    • Abstract (same as the Forum or with minor corrections)
    • Introduction
    • Methods
    • Results
    • Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • References

    The figures, graphs, tables, etc., may be inserted into the text or be appended at the end with appropriate legends.

    Finally, be sure your mentor has seen the report and has approved it.

  3. Submissions of these reports must occur no later than 30 days after your program is completed. They should be submitted as printed documents AND electronically to the Office of Student Research at

End of Summer Critique Instructions:

All trainees are required to submit a critique at the completion of their program. 

Our ability to showcase the summer research programs to other students and to improve the summer program is dependent to a large extent on trainees’ impressions coupled with comments from the mentors. The critiques that are solicited from the trainees are held in the strictest confidence and are never divulged to the mentors in any way that could identify a trainee. Only summary data are seen by the mentors.

The critique of the program (double-spaced, typed, two-page minimum) should be based on your daily/weekly journal entries (this is better than trying to rely solely on your memory) and/or other accumulated experiences this summer. The critique is written in a narrative format and is unrelated to the actual research itself. Your observations may relate to the manner in which your application was handled, our ability to keep you informed, your housing, the seminars, travel if applicable, etc.

The Critique should be submitted electronically to OSR at