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MD/MPP Program

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The MPP will provide opportunities for students at the University of Maryland School of Medicine to expand their knowledge and skills into the field of public policy. The multiple tracks in the MPP program will allow students to:

  1. develop expertise in the application of a variety of analytical methods (Evaluation and Analytical Methods);
  2. to examine and understand the ethical and legal issues in our health care system, its development, present operation, and potential future (Health Policy);
  3. to focus on educational policies made at every level of government (Education Policy), on program development and planning, program management, outcome assessment, and human services evaluation (Human Services Policy), or focus on the relationships of law and policy. Courses are offered at UMBC and at the University of Maryland School of Law and University of Baltimore School of Law where Public Policy also administers joint degree programs (Legal Policy);
  4. to examine critical issues associated with managing public organizations or to prepare themselves for careers in public management at the local, state and federal levels (Public Management);
  5. to understand of the nature and causes of urban problems and examines the various policy options for addressing them (Urban Policy). In addition, disciplinary tracks in Economics and Political Science are available.

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