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Visiting Students: Elective Application FAQs

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What is the name of the individual to be contacted for the information?

Tami VanDamme 

What is the earliest date that your school will be accepting applications?

April 30

What is the duration of each extramural elective?

Minimum of four weeks

How many extramural electives will a visiting student be allowed to arrange?

No limit set -- as many as the student's school will allow

Is a separate application needed for each elective request?


Are there any fees charged?


If a departmental coordinator gives a visiting student a verbal approval, is it necessary to complete an application through the office of Student Affairs?


Would the Medical School accept a student from a foreign medical college?

No - It is the policy of the University of Maryland School of Medicine to accept, for a clinical experience, only a fourth-year student who is enrolled in an accredited allopathic medical school which is accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). There are no exceptions.

Is housing provided?

Students should contact the Residence Life Office to obtain information to assist in acquiring housing. Please call 410-706-5523 or visit  for further information.

How are parking arrangements made?

To inquire about parking, please contact the Office of Parking and Commuter Services at 410-706-6603 or visit  

If the four-week block at the visiting student's school doesn't coincide with that of the Medical School's, can the student still participate in the elective program?

The rotation schedule for some departmental programs are set; other programs are more flexible. The decision to alter the block is made by the departmental representative.

If I have special needs, will I be accommodated?

Yes. Please refer to the Essential Requirements document.