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Advanced Heart Failure Service at UMMC - MCCS 548



Successful completion of Internal Medicine and Surgery Clerkships


University of Maryland Medical Center, Gudelsky 3rd Floor

Description and Goals:

The course objectives are: 1) to have the student understand the physiology of advanced heart failure management, including acute decompensated heart failure, heart transplant patients, and patients with ventricular assist devices; and 2) to understand the acute treatment of severely ill patients with these conditions. The student will act as a member of the Advanced Heart Failure Service covering the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and telemetry unit at the University of Maryland Medical Center. This will include morning rounds, at which time the student will be expected to present new patients and follow-up previously presented patients. Students will work up patients, perform indicated procedures under supervision, and order appropriate tests and treatments. The student will be supervised by an attending physician, cardiology fellow and resident. Attendance at cardiology conferences is required.

Number of Students:


Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 1-48


Monday through Friday - Yes
Shift work - Yes
Evenings - Yes
Weekends - Yes
Call – No

Faculty Responsible:

Philip C. Dittmar, MD

Administrative Contact:

Theresa Jackson
(410) 328-6070
Fax: (410) 328-0267  

Additional Information:

Teaching conferences include Attending Rounds seven days per week, Morning Report (Mondays-Fridays), Ambulatory Medicine Conference on Monday, Medical Grand Rounds and CPC's on Wednesday, and Journal Club. Key faculty of the Department of Medicine at University of Maryland Medical Center and the Chief of the Medical Service at the VA hold a special clinical conference weekly for the student interns. Sub-interns are also welcome to attend all noon resident conferences during the week. Learning during duty hours will be by preceptor and problem-oriented record keeping. Students will be taught to be skilled in drawing blood, starting IV's, examining body fluids, taking and interpreting EKGs, and other laboratory test results required for optimal patient care. All students electing a medical sub-internship are required to spend at least one month at one of the primary teaching hospitals (University Medical Center, VA Medical Center or Mercy Medical Center). Schedule change requests must be submitted no later than one month prior to the start of the rotation. It will NOT be possible to change a rotation after this time.


Last Revision: April 16, 2013