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Goals & Objectives

Sub-internships offer students an opportunity to perform advanced clinical responsibilities at the level of an intern, with a population of patients with acute medical problems. The Sub-Internship will provide an educational curriculum that emphasizes the teaching of the fundamental concepts of medicine. The Sub-intern will have a clearly identifiable faculty mentor(s)/supervisor(s) for the entire rotation.

Goal #1

The Sub-intern will develop a comprehensive approach to the care of acutely ill patients, beginning with admission and culminating with either discharge or transfer to another clinical service.


The student, acting in the role of intern, will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply basic and clinical science knowledge in the clinical setting.

  • Strengthen basic history and physical diagnostic skills in the care of his/her patients.

  • Enhance problem-solving skills in the daily evaluation and management of his/her patients.

  • Enhance the learning of clinical reasoning and judgment.

Goal #2

The student will learn to function in the role of house officer.


The student will:

  • Demonstrate an ability to effectively work as a member of the house officer team treating acutely ill patients on a common service.

  • Successfully complete in-house call responsibilities at the level of an intern, including learning to cross-cover patients on their primary service.

  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills as they relate to patients, patients' medical records, families, colleagues, consultants, and community health providers.

  • Demonstrate professional attitudes and behaviors in all interactions with patients, families, colleagues, consultants, and community health providers.

  • Demonstrate an ability to synthesize patient data within a biopsychosocial context and effectively incorporate into an assessment and ongoing plan of treatment.


Last Revision: October 1, 2008