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Family Medicine - FAPH 548


Students must have completed all of the seven (7) required Junior Clerkships.


Family Medicine In-Patient Service
University of Maryland Hospital

Description and Goals:

The Family Medicine In-Patient Service is an active hospital service that admits patients from the University Family Medicine Ambulatory office as well as unassigned patients needing admission from the Emergency Room. The Family Medicine Impatient Service strives to have at least 10 adult and pediatric patients on the service at any one time. Patient on our service have a wide variety of complex acute and chronic medical problems. In addition the FPI team cares for Family Medicine Obstetrical patients in labor and thru delivery, postpartum patients and newborns in the nursery. The FPI teaching service team consist of an Attending Physician form the Family and Community Medicine faculty, one or two senior third year residents, one or two second year residents , two interns (day intern and night intern) and one or two fourth year medical students. There are several educational opportunities for the Sub-I to benefit from including daily patient care formal Attending rounds, transition of care rounds, obstetrical and behavior and pharmacy teaching sessions. In addition the sub I may have the opportunity to attend daily Morning Report, and weekly Grand Rounds.

The FPI team goals for the Sub I are:

  1. To function as a teaching model for residents and medical students in the care of inpatients using the Family Medicine approach which includes continuity of care, patient education, interdisciplinary team approach, social and case management.
  2. To provide a Bridge to our patient from outpatient preventive and maintenance care to acute inpatient care medicine.
  3. To enhance the senior students’ patient care, practice management and medical knowledge in the care of hospitalized patients.


  1. The Sub-I will contact the Co-Directors of the Sub Internship prior to the start of the rotation and will meet to discuss the goals of the student, the expectations/responsibilities of the student while on the service, and will be given the contact information of the team members. 
  2. The sub I will be expected to perform 1 week of night float with the night intern and supervising senior resident. 
  3. Close supervision and teaching will be provided by the Attending and senior resident on the FPI service. 
  4. The Sub I will be challenged and with guidance/supervision will be expected to perform at the level of an intern.

Number of Students:

Maximum 2

Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 1-48


Monday through Friday - Approximately 7am-7pm (3 week)
Shiftwork - night float 6pm-7am (1 week)
Evenings - Yes as noted
Weekends - Yes
Call - No

Faculty Responsible:

Mozella Williams, M.D. 
(410) 328-8792 
FAX (410) 328-8726 

Yvette Rooks, MD, CAQ, FAAFP
(410) 328-5012
Fax (410) 328-0639 

Administrative Contact:

Denise Estes

Additional Information:

Student accepted for this sub-internship will need to find an acceptable replacement shoe he/she decide to drop the sub internship
The sub I may miss a maximum of 2 days for Residency interviews.


Last Revision: April 16, 2013