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Maternal Fetal Medicine - OBST 548


Successful completion of Ob/Gyn and Internal Medicine clerkships


University of Maryland Medical Center
Labor and Delivery

Description and Goals:

This sub-internship is designed to expose the student to a wide variety of high risk obstetrical patients and to allow the student to manage a group of patients under the direct supervision of a senior resident and a maternal fetal medicine fellow. The student will be expected to follow patients from admission to discharge. When possible, the student will be involved in the delivery of the patient. During the rotation, the student will be in charge of 3 to 5 patients at a time. The sub-intern will be expected to round on the patients and present them on daily rounds and will be encouraged to develop an assessment and plan. The student will gather necessary clinical data on a daily basis, including documenting lab work, ultrasounds, consultant’s recommendations, and knowledge gained from literature searches. Work rounds begin at 7:30am and the sub-intern is expected to pre-round on his/her patient before-hand. The student will also be expected to present his/her patients to the night-float team at 6:30pm. In addition to following patients on Labor and Delivery or on the Anterpartum floor, the sub-intern will attend OB/Peds conference on Mondays at 4:00pm. The student will attend some of the high-risk OB clinic offered on Monday afternoons, Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons where he/she will see patients and present them to the attending. The student will take four (4) calls during the 4-week block and will give three (3) brief weekly presentations on a topic applicable to the management of their currently admitted patients.

Number of students:

2 students per rotation for the Fall semester

1 student per rotation for the Spring semester

Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 1-48

Hours: 6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Monday through Friday - Yes
Shiftwork - No
Evenings - Yes
Weekends - No
Call - Yes

Faculty Responsbile:

Lindsay Alger, MD

Administrative Contact:

Kerry Allen
410- 328-7164
Fax: 410- 328-0279  


Last Revision: January 23, 2014