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Neurocritical Care - NEUR 548


Neurology, Internal Medicine, Surgery Clerkships


Neuro ICU @ UMMC Gudelsky 7 West and 7 East

Description and Goals:

Acute care in neurology has grown in importance with the development of new treatments for stroke, intracranial bleeds, trauma, infections and neuromuscular diseases.

Learning Objectives: The student will become an integral part of a team of residents, Nurse Practitioners, clinical fellows and neurointensivists in the Neurocritical Care Unit (NCCU). Advanced monitoring and treatment techniques including Transcranial Doppler, digital EEG, multi-modality monitoring including Licox, Microdialysis, ICP monitors, IV and IA thrombolysis, hypothermia, and management of vasospasm will be emphasized. Opportunity exists to learn technical skills related to critical care: central venous catheter placement, lumbar punctures, arterial catheter placement, and intracranial pressure monitoring and ventilator management. In addition, students may spend time observing neurosurgical and interventional neuro-radiologic procedures.

Format: Students will join the team and round daily as a full member of the ICU team. They will be expected to update the hand-offs and actively participate in the care of patients in the Neuro ICU at the level of an intern and under the supervision of residents, fellows and attendings. Additional didactic training will occur at daily noon conferences in the ICU and with neurology residents.

Feedback: Obtained by the student from the NCCU attending and clinical fellow.

Evaluation: Evaluations are based on the quality of their clinical work throughout the rotation, taking into account knowledge, problem solving skills, clinical acumen, oral presentations, procedures, ability to organize care, interaction with patients and families, teamwork, attitude and approach to learning.

Number of Students:

2 per block

Time of Year Available:

Blocks 3 - 10


Average of 72 hours / week over entire block.
Shiftwork - Yes
Evenings - Yes
Weekends - Yes
Call - Yes

Faculty Responsible:

Neeraj Badjatia
Chief of Neurocritical Care

Administrative Contact:

Lorine Andersen
(410) 328-7939 

Last Revision: January 14, 2014