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Internal Medicine at Mercy - MEDC 548-M


Successful completion of the Internal Medicine clerkship and be in the 4th quarter of third year.


Mercy Medical Center


  1. Perform primary management in the care of the hospitalized patient.
  2. Learn the art of sign-out and safe hand-offs.
  3. Perform procedures directly applicable to the care of the hospitalized patient.


This program in Internal Medicine offers students an in-depth experience caring for patients with a wide range of pathology in an efficiently run community hospital. Senior students function as vital members of patient care teams. Patient care teams are comprised of two or three senior students and two or three first year residents supervised by a senior resident and a full time teaching attending. The residency program is integrated with the University of Maryland; thus students are supervised by University of Maryland residents. Students are given ample opportunity to learn and perform bedside diagnostic procedures. They are expected to participate in Morning Report and to attend Journal Club, Grand Rounds and subspecialty teaching conferences. The student-intern is encouraged to take primary initiative in clinical decision making and general care of his/her patients.

Each student-intern cares for four to seven patients at any one time. On-call is every fourth to sixth night, depending on staffing. Phlebotomy and fluid teams, patient transportation services, efficient clinical laboratory and radiology departments, and other ancillary services allow students to use their time for meaningful patient care activities.

Number of Students:


Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 1-48


Monday through Friday - Yes
Shift work - No
Evenings - Yes
Weekends - Yes
Call – Yes, until 9 pm

Course Director:

Philip C. Dittmar, MD, FACP

Administrative Contact:

Theresa Jackson
(410) 328-6070
Fax: (410) 328-0267  

Additional Information:

This rotation allows students to participate in a University training program conducted in a community hospital atmosphere. Students are incorporated into the service schedules well in advance of the rotation, those who wish to drop this elective must contact the Chief Resident and are expected to find a replacement or honor their obligation. In addition, schedule requests should be submitted as soon as possible to the chief resident and no less than one (1) month in advance.


Last Revision: January 9, 2014