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A sub-internship is defined as a clinical experience in which the student is involved in direct patient care at an intern level, with appropriate and adequate supervision, and must demonstrate independent thinking and clinical decision making.

Please Note: Core clerkships in each specialty are to be completed before you will be allowed to do a sub-internship in that specialty, unless otherwise noted. Students may register for a subinternship once all prerequisites have been completed and they have progressed to at least the fourth quarter of the third year.

Sub-I's as Electives:

Only two sub-internships will be assigned during senior course scheduling. If you wish to take an additional sub-internship as an elective, you should arrange it through the department by doing an add/drop form after the scheduling process for electives has been completed.


Those students wishing to drop a sub-internship after it has been scheduled MAY BE REQUIRED TO FIND A REPLACEMENT STUDENT and get the Course Coordinator's approval ONE MONTH prior to the scheduled rotation. Students should check the notation at the end of each Sub-internship.


Donna L. Parker, MD
Associate Dean, Office of Student Affairs

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Sonia Beasley
Assistant Director, Office of Student Affairs


Last Revision: April 24, 2014