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The on-campus Photo and Graphics Group can provide professional photographs of you for your use in the residency application process. The Photo and Graphics Group is located on the first floor of the Bressler Research Building at the end of the hall past Hosick Hall in room 1-009. This should be done in the spring of your third year and absolutely no later than September 1st of fourth year. The photographers ask that you call the day you want your picture taken to make sure they will be available. Please contact (410-706-7808) to set up a time to have your photo taken. Don't forget to inform them that you are a fourth-year student requesting a digital photo for residency application. Please remember to dress professionally.

When the Photo and Graphics Group takes your picture, it is automatically sent to the Office of Student Affairs. The Office of Student Affairs will add your photograph to ERAS as soon as we receive the image. The ERAS program will not allow the residency program to download your photograph until you are offered an interview. It is your decision as to whether you include one in your original application, but we strongly recommend it. Certainly, after you have been granted an interview, you will want to supply the program with a photo. Extra pictures are also handy for state licensure applications, USMLE applications and other types of interviews. You may download your picture by clicking the high res link under your picture in MedScope.