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Background Information

The Match is the process by which you are matched to a residency position. Completing The Match constitutes a binding agreement for one year between you and a residency training program. The applications are completed through a centralized process, and your application includes a personal statement; official transcript; letters of recommendation; Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE), formerly the Dean's Letter; and the centralized electronic application.

Programs review all applications and invite selected students for interviews. Some will review materials as they arrive and begin scheduling interviews right away, so send your application materials early. Others wait until the MSPE is sent out on October 1st of each year. The process culminates in February, when students and programs send a list of their rank order choices to a central computer. The computer then matches students and programs according to their highest choices.

Dawn Roberts is the OSA staff member responsible for facilitating your fourth-year residency application process and Match experience. Her phone number is (410) 706-7476, and her email address is