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Office of Student Affairs

 The members of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) are ready to: 

  • Help you maximize the many opportunities available to you in medical school 
  • Help you gain an ongoing, accurate estimate of your academic progress 
  • Assist you with navigating policies and processes on your path to residency training 


  •  Maintaining official academic records. 
  •  Liaison to UMB Campus Services such as records and registration, financial aid, student health, and campus safety. 
  • Referral to campus and community services for academic, personal or medical problems. 
  • Documentation for good standing, jury duty, etc. 
  • Preparation of your Medical Student Performance Evaluation and residency application. 
  • Advertisement of awards, scholarships and fellowships for students.  
  • Promotion of curricula and other programs on issues of cultural awareness in the School of Medicine. Additionally, the staff is available for students to discuss issues of culture, race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality.  
  • Career guidance through connecting students with mentors and shadowing opportunities along with utilization of the AAMC Careers in Medicine program. 

For more information, contact any of the following people at 706-7476 or visit the OSA website

Donna Parker, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs  

Joseph Martinez, MD
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs  

George Fantry, MD 
Assistant Dean for Student Research and Education 

Neda Frayha, MD
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 

Sonia Beasley
Associate Director 

Dawn Roberts, MA
Associate Director 

Sara Menso, MBA
Business Analyst 

Tami VanDamme 

Administrative Assistant II 

Student Lounge

The Student Lounge is located on the second floor of Howard Hall (PODS).


Under the direction of the Office of Admissions, the School of Medicine gives special attention to providing information regarding medical careers and admission to medical school at all pre-medical educational levels. Recruitment activities include trips to undergraduate schools, summer research programs and hosting of groups at the School of Medicine. Additional recruitment information may be obtained by visiting the Office of Admissions website or calling 410-706-7478.

Academic Support Services

People organize, learn, retain, and use medical knowledge via somewhat different routes. The Office of Medical Education's Academic Development Office offers a variety of support programs and services to facilitate students' successful progression through the medical curriculum. For guidance in enhancing your learning and capitalizing on the many resources available, please make an appointment with the Office of Medical Education in HSF1, Room 148 (410-706-6613). A complete description of these services is provided in the section on the Office of Medical Education.

Career Advising

Student career advising is a process that begins in the first year of medical school, and continues well into the fourth year. Our school participates in the Careers in Medicine project (CiM), initiated by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). An important first step is for students to assess their values, skills, strengths and weaknesses in a generic sense. OSA offers individual appointments to discuss these results. In the second year of school, students will participate in interest groups and get a feel for what different medical careers are all about. In the third year, while immersed in the clinical setting, specialty workshops will be offered to help students adapt their skills to various fields. Junior/Senior night and faculty mentoring programs are offered as well. In the fourth year, faculty counselors and individual meetings with OSA deans will further help in career counseling. The Careers in Medicine program will be incorporated as a web page on MedScope

Pre-Medical and Medical Student Research Training Programs

The Office of Student Research provides research training opportunities for undergraduate and medical students. These experiences are provided primarily during the summer months and afford students the opportunity to acquire valuable research experience under the direction of medical school faculty both at the school and abroad. For additional information see Office of Student Research.


Last Revision: July 9, 2013