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Freshman Registration & Orientation

Introduction to Medical School is coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Medical Education. The several days before classes begin are devoted to orientation and registration activities. Short presentations are given by representatives of the Dean's Office, the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Medical Education, the Office of Academic Development, the Campus Counseling Service and the University Police. Group Sessions led by members of the Sophomore class address questions about issues important to incoming students. Faculty led small groups raise issues related to professionalism and life as a physician. Students also have their pictures taken, complete registration materials, receive their ID badges and mailbox keys, and get fitted for their white coats. Students also have the opportunity to engage in a clinical experience with faculty members and may visit the operating room, outpatient clinic or other patient care areas.

A number of student-sponsored activities are interspersed among the registration activities and over the first two weeks. These activities may include an ice cream social, barbecue, outdoor games, an Orioles baseball game, campus tours, Duck tour, discussions of relationships in medical school and a “stress relief” lunch. All orientation activities on class days are held over the noon hour or in the evening.

Throughout the week as at other times, the OSA and OME staff and other personnel will be available to answer questions and to assist students with any special needs.

Immunization Statement: see Health Policies.


Last Revision: May 30, 2012