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Alphabet Soup

To help you understand the native tongue . . .

AAMC  Association of American Medical Colleges 
AMSA   American Medical Student Association 
AMWA   American Medical Women's Association 
AOA   Alpha Omega Alpha 
APAMSA   Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association 
BRB   Bressler Research Building
CAM   Complementary and Alternative Medicine
CAPP   Combined Accelerated Program in Psychiatry
CCC   Curriculum Coordinating Committee
CIM   Center for Integrative Medicine
CMDS  Christian Medical and Dental Society
CV   Curriculum Vitae
ED   Emergency Department
ERAS   Electronic Residency Application Service 
FMG   Foreign medical graduate (also known as IMG or International medical graduate)
FT   Full-time
HDID   Host Defense/Infectious Disease
HH   Howard Hall
HIPAA   Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HSF   Health Science Facility
HSF II   Health Science Facility II 
HS/HSL   Health Sciences/Human Services Library 
ICM   Introduction to Clinical Medicine
ICU   Intensive Care Unit 
IMG   International medical graduate
LCME   Liaison Committee on Medical Education 
LOA   Leave of absence
LRC   Laptop Resource Center 
MICU   Medical ICU
MPRC   Maryland Psychiatric Research Center 
MSPE   Medical Student Performance Evaluation
MS   Medical Student, typically followed by a Roman numeral denoting the year, e.g. MS I
MSTF   Medical School Teaching Facility
NBME   National Board of Medical Examiners  
NRMP   National Residents Matching Program 
OME   Office of Medical Education 
OR   Operating Room
OSA   Office of Student Affairs 
OSCE   Objective Structured Clinical Examination
OSR   Organization of Student Representatives
Also, Office of Student Research 
OT   Occupational Therapist
PAC   Pediatric Ambulatory Center 
PBL   Problem-based learning
PCU   Progressive Care Unit 
PD   Physical Diagnosis 
PGY   Post Graduate Year
PICU   Pediatric ICU
PT   Physical Therapy
SICU   Surgical ICU
SNB   School of Nursing Building 
SNMA   Student National Medical Association 
SSEP   Second Summer Education Program
SSW   School of Social Work 
STRTP   Short Term Research Training Program
SUB-I   A required four-week Senior rotation in which the student gets to function as an intern 
TLH   Taylor Lecture Hall
UMB   University of Maryland Baltimore  
UMBC   University of Maryland Baltimore County 
UMGCC   University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center  
UMCP   University of Maryland College Park  
UMMC  University of Maryland Medical Center 
UMMS   University of Maryland Medical System 
UMPB   University of Maryland Professional Building
USGA   Campus-wide student government association
USMLE   United States Medical Licensing Examination
VAMC, VA   Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center


Last Revision: January 31, 2013