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Forms & Processes


Drop/Add Forms and Instructions

  •  Course Drop/Add Form Instructions
    This document will help you to fill out the Drop/Add form correctly. Please read this form before submitting an Drop/Add form to a departmental coordinator. 
  • Drop/Add Process
    Use this document to help guide you in creating your schedule. 
  • Course Drop/Add Form 
    This document is OSA's official Drop/Add form. You must complete this form when making any schedule changes in your fourth year.
  • Departmental Contacts for Seniors 
    This document contains the contact information for all departmental coordinators.

Off Campus Elective Forms and Instructions

  • Off-Campus Elective Form Instructions 
    This instruction guide will help you to fill out the Off-Campus Elective form correctly. Please read this form before submitting an off-campus form to a departmental coordinator.  
  • Senior Electives Travel Information 
    This link contains valuable information about off-campus electives.
  • Off-Campus Elective Form 
    The above link contains the Off-Campus Elective form. You must complete this form, in addition to the course Drop/Add form above, when you want to add an off-campus elective to your fourth year schedule.

International Electives

If you are interested in an international elective, please see our International Opportunities.

Leave of Absence Forms

Residency Forms


Office of Student Affairs Student Service Requests

  • Student Service Request Form 
    This form is used to submit a request for the following items to be completed by the Office of Student Affairs:
    • Deferment Forms  
    • Good Guy Letter for Elective (includes Malpractice, OSHA, HIPAA Certification)  
    • Elective Forms 
    • Hospital ID Badge  
    • Jury Duty Letter  
    • Letter of Good Academic Standing (for insurance and scholarship purposes)  
    • Military Reimbursement  
    • Process USMLE Application  

Please note: If your request requires supporting ORIGINAL documents, those documents must be brought to the Office of Student Affairs before the form can be processed. If your request does not require original documents, please upload all files that correspond with this request.  

FERPA Authorization 

  • FERPA Authorization
    The FERPA Authorization allows the School of Medicine to include information about you for various events, programs, and publications hosted by the school during your time in medical school.