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Residency Planning FAQs - Emergency Medicine/Surgery

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Why do students choose to train in your specialty? What is it they find attractive?

  • Nice variety of patients
  • Interesting to make a diagnosis first
  • Teamwork in the emergency department
  • Working shifts and not having to be on call

What are the top 10 training programs nationally in terms of overall reputation?

The idea of "best" programs is very subjective. We prefer to meet individually with students and discuss what programs are good for them.

What are some good regional programs?

See above.

What are the strengths of the program here at the University of Maryland?

  • Working in several different Emergency Rooms gives a good exposure to a variety of patients
  • Excellent didactic schedule
  • Trauma experience
  • Combined programs with internal medicine and pediatrics

What are the factors you look at when evaluating an applicant from most important to least important?

  • Interview
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Emergency Medicine Clerkship Grade
  • Clinical Grades
  • USMLE Score
  • Pre-Clinical Grades
  • Personal Statement

What advice do you have for University of Maryland students interested in your specialty?

  • Get involved with the emergency medicine interest group
  • Join EMRA
  • Visit the ED and talk to residents and faculty

If students have more questions, whom in your department should they contact and how can they reach them?

Emergency Medicine:  

Amal Mattu, MD
Program Director

General Surgery: 

Patricia L. Turner, MD, FACS
Residency Program Director

Department of Emergency Medicine's Residency Website 

Department of Surgery's General Surgery Residency Website