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Residency Planning FAQs - Radiology

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Why do students choose to train in your specialty? What is it they find attractive?

  • A broad application of medical knowledge.
  • Numerous interesting interventional procedures.
  • Constant use of advanced technology

What are the top 10 training programs nationally in terms of overall reputation?

There is no consensus on "top programs" in radiology, but the University of Maryland is certainly a top regional program with a strong national reputation, as well.

What are some good regional programs?

See above

What are the strengths of the program here at the University of Maryland?

  • Cutting edge technology
  • Outstanding faculty
  • Diverse patient population including shock trauma

What are the factors you look at when evaluating an applicant from most important to least important?

  • Compatible personality
  • Strong work ethic
  • Outstanding intellect

If students have more questions, whom in your department should they contact and how can they reach them?

  • Charles Resnik, MD, Program Director - Pager: 8-BEEP, 6522
  • Stacy Smith, MD, Associate Program Director - Pager: 8-BEEP, 4569
  • Robert Pugatch, MD, - Telephone: 410-328-3938