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Residency Planning FAQs - Psychiatry

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Why do students choose to train in your specialty? What is it they find attractive?

Knowledge of the brain and behavior is exploding and students find that exciting. Psychiatry is also appealing because of its wholistic approach.

What are the top 10 training programs nationally in terms of overall reputation?

Reputations may be just that, "reputations". Best to try to get beyond what people say and do your own investigation of particular programs you might be interested in.

What are some good regional programs?

  • University of Maryland/Sheppard Pratt
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Georgetown
  • University of North Carolina
  • Western Psychiatric Institute (Pittsburgh)
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Hahnemann University Hospital (Philadelphia)

What are the strengths of the program here at the University of Maryland?

  • Clinical Diversity
  • Eclectic approach with an emphasis on the bio-psychosocial mode

What are the factors you look at when evaluating an applicant from most important to least important?

  • Ability to be empathic
  • Ability to be non-judgemental
  • Academic excellence
  • Reliability and ethics
  • Commitment to Psychiatry
  • Board scores

What advice do you have for University of Maryland students interested in your specialty?

Interview at many programs and talk to residents who are currently in the program.

If students have more questions, whom in your department should they contact and how can they reach them?

Anthony Lehman, MD
Professor and Chair

M. Philip Luber, MD
Director of Education and Residency Training

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