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Residency Planning FAQs - Anesthesiology

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Why do students choose to train in your specialty? What is it they find attractive?

  • interface between basic and clinical sciences
  • excellent case load and use of clinical skills
  • being part of the patients' solution and not part of the problem

What are the top 10 training programs nationally?

There is no consensus answer to this question.

OK. Then what are some good regional programs?

  • University of Maryland
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Medical University of South Carolina
  • University of Virginia

What are the strengths of the program here at the University of Maryland?

  • dedicated faculty
  • commitment to education
  • didactic program
  • mock oral boards and written exams

What are the factors you look at when evaluating an applicant from most important to least important?

  • academic excellence
  • personality traits
  • ability to foster relationships with team members
  • dedication to education

What advice do you have for University of Maryland students interested in your specialty?

Study all topics in medical school. A solid medical foundation is required for success in Anesthesiology training.

If students have more questions, whom in your department should they contact and how can they reach them?

Residency Program Director and Vice Chair for Education
Mary Njoku, M.D.

Assistant Residency Program Director
Kathleen Davis, M.D.

Residency and Fellowship Program Coordinator
Maria Purcell

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