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Addiction Psychiatry - PSYH 544




University of Maryland

Description and Goals:

This medical student elective provides an intensive clinical experience in a broad spectrum of substance abuse programs. The goals are:

  • To provide each medical student with an intensive clinical experience selected from a variety of substance abuse treatment sites;

  • To familiarize each medical student with the diverse patient population in substance abuse;

  • To familiarize medical students with the multiple levels of care involved in treating patients with substance use disorders, including the primary care setting;

  • To introduce to each medical student the important role-played by physicians in the treatment of substance abuse.

Multiple sites according to interest and availability:

  • UMMS Substance Abuse Consultation/Liaison Service (includes general hospital and Shock Trauma)

  • UMMS Substance abuse programs (women’s program, acupuncture, Suboxone)

  • UMB drug treatment center (methadone treatment, intensive outpatient treatment program.)

  • Baltimore VAMC (intensive outpatient, methadone, Suboxone, outpatient)

  • Tuerk House (residential treatment)

  • Mountain Manor (adolescent addiction)

*Other sites are available, to be arranged by request and interest.

Number of Students:


Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 9-52


Monday through Friday - Yes
Evenings - No
Weekends - No
Call - No

Faculty Responsible:

Chris Welsh, M.D.
(410) 328-3716  

Administrative Contact:

Constance N. Lacap, D.O.
(410) 328-6325 


Last Revision: July 23, 2013