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Pediatric Behavioral and Developmental Elective - PEDI 558-01


Junior Internal Medicine and Junior Pediatric Clerkship


University of Maryland Hospital
737 W. Lombard Street
1st Floor


The goals of the elective include increasing the students' awareness and understanding of normal and abnormal development; facilitating the students' appreciation of the many and varied influences on a child's development (the biopsychosocial model); and exposing the students to various developmental and behavioral disorders, their evaluation and treatment. The students will be offered a variety of experiences, some of which can be tailored to the individual's particular interest. The students will accompany staff as they perform developmental and behavioral assessments and treatment planning in the pediatric subspecialty clinic, and at outlying sites. Students will be expected to make a formal presentation to faculty at the end of their elective on a subject that is relevant to the field of behavior and development and that is of interest to them. Some teaching activities will include didactic seminars, modules, videos and recommended reading. Other teaching sessions taking place in the Department of Pediatrics during the students' elective time will be open to the students. There will be no night call expected for this elective.

Number of Students:

1 per rotation

Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 1-4, 9-48


8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Faculty Responsible:

Trevor Valentine, M.D., Asst. Professor

Administrative Contact:

Rose Robinson
(410) 328-6662
Fax: (410) 328-0646  

Last Revision: April 11, 2013