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General Internal Medicine: Condensed Medicine Subspecialties - MEDC 546


Internal Medicine and Surgery Clerkships


University of Maryland

Description and Goals:

This course is specifically designed to provide those students who choose to enter a non-medicine field with an exposure to Internal Medicine that allows them to more comfortably care for their patients. This elective encompasses training in the most frequently encountered co-morbidities of many adult surgical patients. Students will rotate on two of the following services: nephrology, cardiology and infectious disease consult teams for two weeks each. He/she will be exposed to a wide range of patient problems and procedures uniquely managed by an Internist prior to surgery. The student will work closely with the fellows in evaluating new consults, managing existing inpatients, and staffing the weekly outpatient clinics.

While on the nephrology service, the student will be expected to adequately assess the needs for renal replacement therapy, know the basic treatment tenets of acute renal failure, and understand and manage acid/base and electrolyte abnormalities. In the cardiac portion of the rotation, the student will learn the basics of the preoperative cardiac evaluation. They will be familiarized with common cardiac diseases, improve bedside diagnostic skills, and glean an understanding of the proper role of non-invasive and invasive cardiac tests in the evaluation and management of these patients.

During the infectious disease component of the rotation, the diagnosis of infections and proper management of patients with these diseases are taught by exposing students to a broad spectrum of clinical problems. The appropriate use of microbiology, virology and serology laboratories is stressed.

Number of Students:


Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 1-48


Monday through Friday - Yes
Evenings - No
Weekends - No
Call - No

Faculty Responsible:

Donna Hanes, M.D., FACP
Associate Professor of Medicine
(410) 328-5720  

Administrative Contact:

Donna Hanes, M.D., FACP
Associate Professor of Medicine
(410) 328-5720  


Last Revision: April 11, 2013