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Emergency Medicine Bedside Ultrasound - EMER 545




University of Maryland Medical Center Emergency Department

Description and Goals:

The goal of this rotation will be to expose the medical student to the core ultrasound applications used in practice by emergency physicians. This elective will allow students to develop hands-on skills in image acquisition and bedside interpretation of images. Students will keep a log of their ultrasound images that will be reviewed by the faculty. In addition to the practical teaching on ultrasound use, there will also be didactic lectures, text book reading, and web materials to study during the rotation.


  1. Develop competence in basic ultrasound use and image acquisition. They will learn the mechanics of the machine and the physics behind how ultrasound works. They will be able to operate an ultrasound machine in its basic form, understanding how to select the proper probe for the given study, how to adjust gain and depth to optimize the image and how to archive appropriate images.
  2. Learn to identify the proper technique and key landmarks for the following ultrasound studies: biliary, FAST, cardiac, AAA, renal, pregnancy, thoracic, and soft tissue/abscess.
  3. Learn the ultrasonographic findings necessary to diagnose the following disease processes: cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, pneumothorax, hydronephrosis, cardiac tamponade, ascites, intraperitoneal fluid, AAA, and abscess.
  4. Learn procedural applications for ultrasound such as peripheral IV placement and central venous access.
  5. Perform at least 100 independent ultrasound exams over the course of the month long rotation.
  6. Demonstrate how to drape patients and be respect the patient's comfort and privacy while performing exams.

Number of Students:


Time of Year Available:



Varies, but mostly with the ultrasound team from 8am - 4pm
Shiftwork - Yes

Faculty Responsible:

Brian Euerle, MD RDMS
Director of Emergency Ultrasound
(410) 328-8025  

Administrative Contact:

Angela R. Taylor
410-328-8025 office
410-328-8028 fax 


Last Revision: July 18, 2013