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Oncology: Multidisciplinary Cancer Care - ONCO 549


Internal Medicine clerkship


University of Maryland

Description and Goals:

Multidisciplinary experience including observations and didactic presentations intended to expose the student to the continuum of oncology care from diagnosis through hospice and palliative care. The schedule will consist of successive weeks on 4 different services, which may be done in any order. Drs. Zimrin and/or Battafarano will facilitate the student's experience and arrange specific scheduled opportunities. An attending from the student's primary area of interest will serve as a mentor/preceptor throughout the course.

Schedule Options:

  1. Surgical Interventions in Cancer Care 

    The student has the option of observing different surgical services, or confining him/herself to one service.

    • One day of OR observation and shadowing residents in thoracic oncology, GYN oncology, GU oncology, OMFS (Ord), GI oncology.
    • Attendance at multidisciplinary conferences/tumor boards
    • Attendance on morning rounds
  2. Medical Interventions in Cancer Care 

    During this week, the student will see patients in the Medical Oncology outpatient clinic. The student can see patients in different subspecialty areas (Thoracic, Genitourinary, Breast, Gastrointestinal, Hematologic Malignancies, Head and Neck), or concentrate on one of these areas. Participation in a single medical oncology subspecialty and the corresponding surgical subspecialty (particularly Thoracic or Breast) can be particularly useful, allowing the student to see the same diseases from two different viewpoints.

    Experience will include:

    • Attendance at the Multidisciplinary conferences.
    • Attendance at Grand Rounds (12N Monday)
    • Attendance on consultations (inpatient and outpatient)
  3. Radiation Therapy in Cancer Care 

    Experience will include:

    • Exposure to teletherapy, radiosurgery, and brachytherapy.
    • Attendance at new patient and dosimetry conferences
    • Attendance at radiation oncology grand rounds
  4. Multidisciplinary Clinics, Palliative and Home Care in the Treatment of Cancer Patients 

    • Rotation for up-to one week with palliative care team
    • Attendance on consultations (inpatient and outpatient)
    • Individualized curriculum, to build upon palliative and hospice care required 3rd year rotation, and to meet specific agreed upon learning objectives
    • Equivalent of two day observation in multidisciplinary clinics (BEP, thoracic oncology, pigmented lesion, etc.)

Number of Students:


Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 1-48


Monday through Friday - Yes
Evenings - No
Weekends - No
Call - No

Faculty Responsible:

Heather Mannuel
(410) 328-2567  

Administrative Contact:

Renee Silver
(410) 328-7225  


Last Revision: October 13, 2014