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Hyperbaric Medicine - EMER 546


Successful completion of MS II year


Ground floor STC

Description and Goals:

Hyperbaric medicine is a consult service for acute and non-acute indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

At the end of the rotations students will be able to:

  1. Describe the mechanism of action of hyperbaric oxygen.
  2. Describe basic dive medicine and injuries related to diving.
  3. List all emergency and non-emergency indications of HBO.
  4. Describe the contradictions of HBO.
  5. Interview and evaluate patients that are consulted.
  6. Students will also be required to attend EM weekly conference every Wednesday from 730am to 130pm.
  7. Students will also have the option to take call but it is highly recommended. Call will be every 3rd night and will be taken with an attending physician. Students will evaluate the patient, present the patient to the attending and plan of care will be discussed.
  8. Students will have the opportunity to spend time in the outpatient clinic as well once it opens.

Number of Students:

1 per month

Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 1-48


8:30am to 5pm, call is optional but recommended.

Faculty Responsible:

Kinjal Sethuraman
Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine

Administrative Contact:

Thaus Johnson
Administrative Assistant

Additional Information:

Evaluation of the student' s performance will be based on attendance, history and physical and ability to arrive at a diagnosis, and develop a treatment plan. He or She will be expected to recite the mechanism of action, indications, risks and benefits of HBOT therapy. The grading system will be A to F.


Last Revision: February 20, 2014