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Maternity & Newborn Care Elective – FAPH 542


Students must be in good academic standing and have completed the following junior clerkships: Family Medicine and OB/GYN.


University Family Medicine
29 S. Paca St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

University of Maryland Medical Center
21 S. Green St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Description and Goals:

This four week elective is designed to enhance diagnostic and procedural skills in obstetrics, gynecology, and maternal child health within the scope of family medicine, and to develop an understanding and appreciation for the continuity of care for mothers and children in a primary care setting.


  1. Gain an appreciation for the continuity of care family physicians provide, from the diagnosis of pregnancy, to prenatal care, to vaginal deliveries, and finally, to postpartum and newborn care.
  2. Have gained an understanding of and skills in assisting/performing procedures including spontaneous vaginal delivery, circumcision, IUD insertion, colposcopy, and (if interested) therapeutic abortions.
  3. Be comfortable obtaining prenatal/obstetrical histories, performing cervical exams, and examining newborns
  4. Be familiar with available resources for expectant & new mothers (e.g. Planned Parenthood, WIC, lactation consultants) and learn how to investigate other resources as needed
  5. Be comfortable providing anticipatory guidance to both expectant and new mothers


  • Identify and review a prenatal chart
  • Perform accurate sterile vaginal examination
  • Perform proper, and painless, sterile speculum examination
  • Identify latent versus true labor
  • Correctly interpret fetal heart monitor tracing, Category I, II, III
  • (Assist with) spontaneous vaginal delivery
  • Define post-partum hemorrhage and know its four main etiologies, “4 T’s”
  • Define shoulder dystocia and state known maneuvers for resolution “HELPERR”
  • Define degrees of perineal laceration
  • Review how to place fetal scalp electrode, intrauterine pressure catheter, vacuum 
  • Properly delivery a placenta
  • Compose a delivery note
  • Perform newborn and post-partum physical exam
  • Compose daily progress notes for newborns and post-partum mothers
  • Deliver anticipatory guidance
  • (Assist with) Newborn male circumcision
  • Observe hospital lactation consultation

Number of Students:


Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 5-48


Evenings- yes (one night/week if a family medicine patient is laboring)
Weekends- no
Call- yes (one night/week if a family medicine patient is laboring)

Faculty Responsible:

Mozella Williams, MD
(410) 328-3525
Pager: (410) 722-0311  

On-Site Physician Contacts:

  • Stephanie Davis, MD
  • Ivara Esege, MD
  • Sharon Feinstein, MD
  • Natelaine Fripp, MD
  • Kristin Reavis, MD
  • Vivienne Rose, MD
  • Mozella Williams, MD

Administrative Contact:

Denise Estes
(410) 328-3525  


Last Revision: January 6, 2014