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Nutrition - ENDC 542


Internal Medicine Clerkship


University of Maryland

Description and Goals:

Medical students should engage in learning about nutrition and nutrition assessment. The goals are to gain skills in: 

  1. patient medical history, including diet history, a) complete a 24 hour diet recall, b) assess a 3 day diet history and c) obtain pertinent information about OTC supplement use; 
  2. perform nutrition assessment, a) assess nutritional/dietary composition, b) assess patient nutrient needs, c) assess nutrient drug interactions and d) use electronic databases to perform dietary analysis; 
  3. gain understanding of the changing nutrient needs of the individual throughout the lifecycle with emphasis on: a) pregnancy and lactation, b) pediatrics, c) normal adult nutrition and d) ageing/geriatrics; 
  4. be aware of special needs during disease states with emphasis on: a) obesity and diabetes, b) cardiovascular disease, c) renal disease, d) critical care and surgical care, e) enteral and parenteral nutrition and f) complimentary medicine.


4 weeks

Number of Students:


Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 1-48


Monday through Friday - Yes
Evenings - No
Weekends - No
Call - No

Faculty Responsible:

Nanette Steinle, M.D.
(410) 706-1512
Fax - (410) 706-1622  

Administrative Contact:

Delores Anderson
(410) 706-4749  

Additional Information:

Students choosing this elective will rotate weekly in clinics/clinical rounds in a variety of settings including the Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology, the Growth and Nutrition Clinic, Celiac clinic, the Cancer Center, Bariatric Surgery Clinic, the nutrition support team in the medical and trauma ICUs, transplant medicine, among others. In addition to attending clinic, students will choose a nutrition topic to research and complete an independent research project. Case studies will be provided, as will selected review articles and reference material. Each participant will complete a diet/nutrient analysis based on his/her own daily food intake.


Last Revision: May 27, 2014