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Cardiology - CARD 541–M


Internal Medicine or Pediatrics Clerkship


Mercy Medical Center

Description and Goals:

The goals of this elective are to familiarize students with the common cardiac diseases, to improve their abilities at bedside diagnosis and to permit an understanding of the proper role of non-invasive and invasive cardiac tests in the evaluation and management of these patients.

Students may perform consultations as requested on patients with cardiac disorders under the direction of a member of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. The student will be expected to follow these patients. There may also be opportunity to see outpatients who have cardiac disease in a private practice setting.

Students will be encouraged to master the fundamentals of electrocardiographic interpretation. To this end, they are asked to analyze electrocardiograms and to review these tracings with members of the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. The student will also have an opportunity to become familiar with the use of non-invasive (echocardiography exercise testing, continuous EKG recording) and invasive (cardiac catheterization) testing in the patient with cardiac disease. Non-invasive radionuclide cardiac studies are also emphasized.

Number of Students:


Time of Year Available:

Academic weeks 1-48


Monday through Friday - Yes
Evenings - No
Weekends - No
Call - No

Faculty Responsible:

Mark M. Applefeld, M.D.
(410) 332-9752

Administrative Contact:

Beverly Vance
(410) 951-7906  


Last Revision: December 16, 2013