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Mock Tests

The following exercised were designed to "test" your grasp of STEP 1 high-yield facts. Drawing heavily from FIRST AID and a couple other review materials, these questions may prove helpful in getting you ready for STEP 1.

First, it is important to say what they are not: These exercises are neither set up in typical STEP 1 clinical vignette/multiple-choice format nor intended to replicate questions you are likely to find on your school exams. They are no substitute for Q-Bank or other formal sources of board prep questions. Knowing the answers to these questions guarantees no particular outcome on any exam.

That said, here's what they are: These questions offer one way of reviewing basic facts likely to show up on the STEP 1 (as well as on school exams). Their purpose is to check your recall, giving you some sense of your foundational knowledge and the gaps in that foundation. In other words, they attempt to be a first step in becoing truly fluent in the discipline.

This is a work in progress and your feedback is appreciated. Please email me at with your comments and, especially, corrections to any errors.

Dr. Dolan,
Academic Development


Behavioral Science

Cell & Molecular Biology


Microbiology & Immunology