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-?-celiac sprue autoimmune-mediated intolerance of gliadin leading to steatorrhea
-?-gout more common in men; treatment is allopurinol, probenecid, colchicines, & NSAIDs
-?-rheumatoid arthritis classic presentation: morning stiffness improving with use, symmetric joint involvement, & systemic symptoms (fever, fatigue, pleuritis, pericarditis)
-?-pseudogout usually affects large joints (classically the knee); >50 yrs old; both sexes equally affected; no treatment
-?-rheumatoid arthritis inflammatory disorder affecting synovial joints, with pannus formation in joints (MCP, PIP), subcutaneous rheumatoid nodules, ulnar deviation, subluxation
-?-celiac sprue associated with people of northern European descent; findings include blunting of villi, lymphocytes in the lamina propria, and abnormal D-xylose test
-?-osteoarthritis Mechanical wear and tear of joints leads to destruction of articular cartilage, subchondral bone formation, sclerosis, osteophytes, eburnation, Heberden's nodes (DIP), & Bouchard's nodes (PIP)
-?-Sjögren's syndrome classic triad: dry eyes, dry mouth, arthritis; predominantly affects females b/t 40 & 60 yrs of age
osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis Sjögren's syndrome gout pseudogout celiac sprue

Systemic lupus erythematosus:

90% are -?-female and b/t ages 14 & 45; symptoms are fever, fatigue, weight loss, joint pain, malar rash, and -?-photosensitvity; may also occur with pleuritis, pericarditis, nonbacterial verrucous endocarditis, -?-Raynauds phenomenon; -?-wire loop lesions kidney with immune complex deposition; death from -?-renal failure & infections.


immune-mediated widespread noncaseating granulomas and elevated serum -?-ACE levels; common in black females; associated with restrictive -?-lung disease, bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy, erythema nodosum -?-Bells palsy, epithelial granulomas containing microscopic Schaumann & asteroid bodies, uveoparotitis, and hypercalcemia.

Seronegative spondyloarthropathies:

-?-Ankylosing spondylitis: chronic inflammatory disease of spine & sacroiliac joints → stiff spine, uveitis & aortic regurgitation
-?-Reiters syndrome: classic triad of urethritis, conjunctivitis & anterior uveitis, and arthristis

Schleroderma (progressive systemic sclerosis-PSS): Summarize the CREST syndrome

C -?-Calcinosis
R -?-Raynauds phenomenon
E -?-Esophageal dysmotility
S -?-Schlerodactyly
T -?-Telangiectasia

Matching: Skin disorders

-?-psoriasis nonpruritic chronic inflammation of the skin, particularly knees & elbows; associated with HLA-B27, HLA-13, and HLA-17
-?-dermatitis a group of inflammatory pruritic skin disorders; etiology: allergy, chemical injury, infection
-?-pemphigus vulgaris potentially fatal autoimmune skin disorder; intradermal bullae involving the oral mucosa & skin; findings: acantholysis (breakdown of epithelial cell-to-cell junctions), IgG antibody against epidermal cell surface
-?-bullous pemphigoid autoimmune disorder with IgG antibody against epidural basement membrane (linear immunofluorescence); similar to but less severe than pemphigus vulgaris-affects skin but spares oral mucosa
dermatitis psoriasis bullous pemphigoid pemphigus vulgaris
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