MICRO: Parasitology

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Medically important protozoa:

Entamoeba histolytica causes -?-amebiasis and is transmitted by -?-cysts in water.

Giardia lamblia causes -?-giardiasis and can be treated with -?-Metronidazole.

Cryptosporidium causes -?-severe diarrhea in AIDS and can be diagnosis through -?-cysts on acid-fast stain.

Toxoplasma causes -?-brain abscess in HIV and -?-birth defects.

Plasmodium causes -?-malaria and is transmitted by -?-mosquito.

Trichomonas vaginalis is diagnosed by -?-trophozoites on wet mount and treated with -?-Metronidazole.

Trypanosoma cruzi causes -?-Chagas' disease (heart disease) and treated with -?-Nifurtimox.

Naegleria causes -?-rapidly fatal meningoencephalitis and is transmitted by -?-amebas in spinal fluid.

Medically important helminthes:

Which Cestode causes an phylaxis if echinococcal antigens are released from cysts: -?-echinococcus granulosus
taenia solium or echinococcus granulosus or onchocerca volvulus

Which Trematode is caused by undercooked fish and causes inflammation of the biliary tract: -?-clonorchis sinensis
schistosoma or clonorchis sinensis or paragonimus westermani or loa loa

Which Nematode is transmitted by female mosquito and causes blockage of lymphatic vessels (elephantiasis): -?-wuchereria bancrofti
dracunculus medinensis or wuchereria bancrofti

Which Nematode is transmitted by larvae penetrating skin of the feet, causes intestinal infection that can result in anemia, and is treated with mebendazole: -?-ancylostoma duodenale
ancylostoma duodenale or strongyloides stercoralis or trichinella spiralis

Parasite hints: match "findings" with "organism"
Portal hypertension -?-(f) schistosoma mansoni
Microcytic anemia -?-(g) ancylostoma, necator
Biliary tract disease -?-(d) clonorchis sinensis
Hemoptysis -?-(e) paragonimus westermani
Liver cysts -?-(b) echinococcus granulosus
Brain cysts, seizures -?-(a) taenia solium
Hematuria, bladder cancer -?-(h) schistosoma haematobium
Perianal pruritus -?-(i) enterobius
B12 deficiency -?-(c) diphyllobothrium latum
(a) taenia solium (b) echinococcus granulosus (c) diphyllobothrium latum (d) clonorchis sinensis (e) paragonimus westermani (f) schistosoma mansoni (g) ancylostoma, necator (h) schistosoma haematobium (i) enterobius
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