Life Cycle

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The mnemonic "APGAR" stands for: -?-A=appearance (color); P=pulse; G=grimace; A=activity; R=respiration.
Low birth weight is defined as < -?-2500 g.
Anaclitic depression in an infant owing to separation from caregiver can result in -?-failure to thrive.
Approximately -?-3,000 deaths a year occur in the US because of child abuse; the child is frequently known to the victim, usually male with the peak incidence between -?-9 and -?-12 years of age.
Cite the approximate age when you would first expect to see the following behaviors in children:

Holds head up, Moro reflex disappears, social smile -?-3 months
Upgoing Babinski disappears -?-12-14 months
Walks, few words, social anxiety -?-15 months
Rides tricycle, copies line or circle drawing, group play -?-3 years
Abstract reasoning-
   Girls -?-11 years
   Boys -?-13 years
Name 4 reflexes you would expect to see present at birth but which typically disappear within a year: -?-Moro reflex, rooting reflex, palmar reflex, Babinski reflex
Name the 5 Kübler-Ross stages of dying: -?-denial, anger, bargaining, grieving, acceptance
Normal grief typically lasts: -?-6 months to 1 year
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