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Biostatistics & Medical Informatics (BMI) Subcore

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Director: John Sorkin, M.D., Ph.D. 

Site Leader, Geisinger Health System:  Les Kirchner, Ph.D.

The BMI Subcore is a service center for NORC researchers and will provide biostatistical consultation to other investigators who are doing research in the fields of obesity and nutrition at University of Maryland and the Baltimore VA Medical Center. Finally, the Core will develop new methods for the collection of data from older subjects. The specific aims of BMI Subcore are to:

  • Provide NORC researchers with a centralized, user-friendly information system for the acquisition, storage, review and analysis of data.
  • Insure confidentiality, physical security, and logical integrity of all NORC data.
  • Assist the Safety Monitoring Board review the safety of NORC studies.
  • Produce reports that can be used to review data for accuracy, validity, and completeness.
  • Analyze NORC data that are to be presented in papers, reports, and at scientific meetings.
  • Assist researchers in the design, implementation, and analysis of NORC projects.
  • Provide didactic training in statistical methods to NORC faculty, trainees, and staff.
  • Develop new methods for data collection in older people.
  • Act as a statistical and informatics resource for non-NORC (e.g. NIH funded) researchers.
  •  Work with the Molecular Genetics and Nutrigenomics (MGN) Core on the analysis of Genetic data.