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2008 Curriculum


  • E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA, Vice President for Medical Affairs, University of Maryland, Baltimore and the John Z. and Akiko K. Bowers Distinguished Professor and Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Claudia Baquet, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Policy and Planning; Director, Center for Health Disparities; Professor of Medicine


Violence & the Violence Intervention Program 
Presenter: Dr. Carnell Cooper
Powerpoint | Fact Sheet 

Presenter: Dr. Mimi Blitzer
Powerpoint | Fact Sheet 

"Positive Exposure" - A Presentation on Genetic Diversity
Presenter: Rick Guidotti

Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Celiac Disease 
Presenter: Dr. Alessio Fasano
Powerpoint | Fact Sheet  

Colds vs. Allergies 
Presenter: Dr. David Stewart
Powerpoint | Fact Sheet  

Presenter: Dr. Kenneth Rogers
Powerpoint | Fact Sheet  

Understanding the Brain 
Presenter: Dr. David Mallott
Powerpoint | Fact Sheet  

Brain Diseases 
Presenter: Neil Porter
Powerpoint | Fact Sheet 

Eating and Moving Through the 21st Century:
Nutrition and Fitness for a Lifetime
Presenter: Dr. Pamela Peeke
Powerpoint | Fact Sheet - Mind; Fact Sheet - Mouth; Fact Sheet - Muscle